Airplane Rc Folding Paper Model DIY Motor Power

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Product features:

1. This product uses aerodynamics principle to increase power to the traditional folding paper airplane, so as to achieve better flight effect
2. It can test hands-on ability, which is the best DIY interactive toys to train children\'s hands and brain
3. Suitable for outdoor open space


1. Color box size: about 26*3.5*10.5cm/ 10.24 * 1.38 * 4.13in
2. Material: A4 printing paper (or 8.5 * 11cm/3.35 * 4.33in paper), electronic component, plastic
3. Style: 2-color paper
4. Batteries: batteries boxes, 3*AA batteries (not included)
5. Color of box: orange, green and blue

6 Manual DIY origami with power module