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Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Air Purifier

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World's First Anti-Gravity Air Purifier

An air purifier that combines the power of negative ion with the magic water drop backflow visual effect to eliminate indoor pollution

That’s the main concept behind Magic of Water. This product utilized principles of basic science to create an anti-gravity effect that sends water upwards. 
It has a extraordinary visual affect that attracts onlooker, but its mechanism is more down-to-earth, using negative ion technology in a filtration/purification process.

When placed in the dim environment, the water drops are not flowing backward physically, but are seen as so due to the optical illusion.

Whether for your office, study, yoga studio, the Magic of Water is your perfect ally for stylishly keeping a clean, fresh and healthy air around you!

At the same time, we’ve added a mechanism that produces ‘Air Vitamins’, making the Magic of Water a negative ion generating device that keeps releasing 10 million negative ions – or anions – per second into the room where it is placed.

With the magical water drop backflow visual effect, Magic of Water is truly an innovative device.
In most product design, the realms of art, science, and well-being are separate. 
We, on the other, believe in bringing these elements together. 

Designed by BRUCE & DOTO Team, Red Dot, iF Design Award, and Good Design award winners, it’s an integration of technology and craftsmanship. 
The Magic of Water is made of aluminum and glass that forms an elegant shape and displays great transparency. 
The geometrical body and the beautiful curve of the glass funnel combines together give it a solemn appearance yet still has a graceful flow.

Product parameters

Power: 3 W
Supply Voltage: 220 V
Purification rate: PM 2.5 (96.62%), formaldehyde (93.9%)
Adapter input: 100-240 VAC Output: 12 VDC
Shape size: 6.2 x 6.2 x 10.6 inch

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