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Automated Smart Chess Board

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Square Off Chess Set. A Smart automated Chess Board, which Moves The opponent's Pieces on its own. Play Against The AI or Anyone Across The Globe.

SQUARE OFF Chess Board – It’s Alive, literally!

Square Off is an automated chess board, which allows one to challenge any chess lover across the globe or play against the board's AI with 20 difficulty levels. The chess pieces move automatically to reflect all the moves of the opponent. 

CHESS RE-EVOLVED The most evolved & connected chess experience ever. Challenge players around the world online, practice and sharpen your game against 20 difficulty levels of AI, analyze your game in a click. Powered by cutting edge robotics, artificial intelligence, and sensor technology, it all happens on this magic board! 
JOIN MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD: With a community of 23 million + online chess players, you can play games against the largest and most robust online chess community in the world. 
PLAN A GAME DATE: Fix a common time, meet on your own boards. Have fun playing.
FOR ALL AGE GROUPS, 6 to 60 YEARS OLD: It’s always a good time to learn chess. Known to improve memory, problem-solving and concentration, it will enhance your kid’s mental dexterity or help grandpa keep company. And with Square Off, you can get them to play each other, even when they aren’t around.

GIFT AN EXPERIENCE: Looking to gift something special? It’s new-age, it's intelligent, it is connected and handcrafted. Fits nicely for every age group, sits nicely in every living room. Add a little bit of magic to their lives. 

AESTHETICALLY CHARMING: A classic wooden chess board sitting in your living room, on the center table, by the bookstand or by your wine bar, calmly dishing out a brilliant game of chess, all on its own! Square Off is quite a conversation starter, and will rival the best looking showpiece in your house!

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