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Car Headlight Fluid

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Ensure your ride runs in tip-top shape by keeping your car headlight fluid at optimum levels at all times. It is compatible with all makes and models and works perfect for both LEDs and halogen bulbs – simply remember to top it off every 2,000 miles for maximum performance!

Give the insulting gift of fake car products to your unsuspecting victim while the laughter of all onlookers pours out like... well, like headlight fluid. Except the laughter isn't fake! "Make Sure YOUR Gift is the Highlight of the Party (see what we did there?)

Witty Yeti's Headlight Fluid is the ultimate gag gift idea that's sure to be a hit at any Dirty Santa Gift Exchange, Office White Elephant Gift Party or Birthday Celebration. DISCLAIMER: Witty Yeti assumes no responsibility for any possible retaliation of your friends, family or coworkers.

" "So Many Potential Targets, So Little Time.

If your Uncle Bob gets butthurt and throws the bottle back at your head at the family Christmas gift exchange, look on the bright side (again with the light puns!) you can always re-gift to some other unsuspecting victi...I mean frenemy... err... I mean friend! The gift that keeps on giving!

" "Illuminate Their Day With Terrible, Not-So-Bright Car Puns and Driver Insults!

The Witty Yeti Pun Factory is glowing with pride at the enlightening research that went into crafting these silly snippets of car humor to set you and your friends ablaze with laughter and schadenfreude! (If you consider giving a couple drunk hobos on the highway a beer and a thesaurus ""enlightening research,"" then YES that's definitely what we did.)

" "Fill the Bottle With Whatever Vile Substance You Want!

If you want to fill it up with soda pop and drink it to freak people out, be our guest. We ship you the 4"" x 9"" x 2"" labeled bottle, and you do the rest!

Headlight Fluid Car Gag Gift Makes Hilarious Fun of Automobile Inept Pals. A Hysterical Hit for Secret Santa and White Elephant Parties! Give Your Friend or Frenemy a Funny Prank Product for Cars!

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