Dodow - Sleep Aid Device

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Dodow - Sleep Aid Device - More Than 300.000 Users are Falling Asleep Faster with Dodow!

Brand: DODOW

Color: White


  • Dodow is a metronome with a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine.
  • Tap the touch-sensitive surface once for the 8-minute mode and twice for the 20-minute mode.
  • At the end of the exercise (8 or 20 minutes) Dodow switches itself off.
  • With Dodow, someone who normally takes 60 minutes to fall asleep will take no more than 25 - and will gain around hundred more hours of sleep per year.
  • More than 150,000 people are already falling asleep with Dodow. Amongst them, those who have difficulties getting to sleep (aged 6 years and up); troubled thoughts, stress, restlessness, chronic insomnia, etc.

Legal Disclaimer: Insomnia is a tricky issue and Dodow might not be able to help everybody. We found out that 74% of its users were happy with Dodow and were able to reduce their sleep onset latency (survey conducted among 300 bad sleepers).Only works on a flat ceiling.

Publisher: LIVLAB SAS

Details: Metronome with a light system to help you fall asleep faster

EAN: 3760112490003