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Geometric Structure Memory Foam Pillow

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The Ultimate Pillow of your Dreams
The World’s First Pillow with Cutting Edge Structure Design that Enables You to Drift Off to Sleep Comfortably and Quickly. 

Effective Support 
70 Individual cubes to adust to your every move, giving you 360-degree support
Zero-gravity & Zero-pressure
Stress relieving memory foam
Breathable Structure 
Thermoregulation and air ventilation
Antibacterial Protection 
Dust mite allergy-free and odor control
Combo Foam Design 
Integrate two different type of foam, Firm and soft reversible pillow to fit all the needs

Revolutionary features to make the best pillow ever
3 secrets that allow you to sleep soundly

1. Nanotech matereial- Graphene
The advantages of the multifunctional graphene nano composite foam are heat regulation, bateria resistant, and odor control.

2. Unique stucture - Air Ventilation
the 70 individual yet connected cubes are specially designed to help keep you cool while sleeping.

3. Moistrue wicking and breathable MOdal fiber pillow case
the ultra-soft modal fiber used for the pillow case are skin-friendly and quick to absorb moisture.

Perfect for people with:...
- Countless sleeping positions
- Insomnia problem 
- The desire of a sweet dream

Package :The Cubes x 1, Modal fiber sleeve x 1
Weight : 500g / 1.1 lb
Size: 22 x 14 x 4 inches / 56 x 36 x 10 cm
Pillow : 100% Polyurethane 
Pillowcase : 95% modal jersey fabric and 5% spandex

Care Instructions: 
The pillow - do not wash 
The pillowcase - machine wash and dry 

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