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Grow And Serve Microgreen Kit

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  • Why not grow your own? In ten days you’ll have super nutritious and delicious fresh greens grown from seed. Add them to your salads, sandwiches, smoothie drinks, soups or simply garnish any dish you want with these healthy little powerhouses. Better than sprouts and up to 40 times more nutrients than adult vegetables.
  • IT’S EASY – With the premeasured soil and seed just hydrate the Fiber Soil in the planter tray, spread seed, mist and water for ten days near a window, then cut and eat. That’s it! Great for kids, they’re tiny, cute and fast growing, kids love them. Plus it’s a fantastic way to get them to eat more veggies.
  • START GROWING TODAY! – Comes with the 15 x 6" (BPA FREE) Multi-Use Planter Tray, our unique Fiber Soil, Non GMO Zesty Radish Microgreen Seeds and a 150 ml sprayer. MULTI-USE - The Planting Tray can also be used to plant succulents, dish and herb gardens, wheatgrass, table centerpiece, house plant drip tray, fairy gardens, and so much more. ***DOUBLE VEG LEDGE SUCTION CUP SHELF SOLD SEPARATELY***.
  • ATTRACTIVE – They look beautiful on a dish as a gourmet garnish. Forget about growing Microgreens in flimsy ugly plastic trays. The clear and sturdy acrylic planting tray looks stunning in any décor. Grow your greens on a counter near a window or on our Window Garden Double Veg Ledge then serve them on your dinner table in the same dish!
  • GREAT GIFT – Who wouldn’t want a lush indoor edible garden that only takes ten days to grow, looks beautiful and is filled with nutrition? It’s a perfect gift for him, her, vegans, raw foodies, kids, elderly or how about that college student away from home? Give the gift of health they’ll enjoy growing and eating. ***GET 10% OFF MICROGREEN 3 PACK REFILL***

Grow ‘n Serve Microgreen Kit – Attractive Table Centerpiece Planter Tray + Fiber Soil + Spray Bottle + Seed. Sprout Healthy Zesty Superfood Greens. Great Indoor Garden Gift for Men, Women, Foodie

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