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Japanese Geta Sandals

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Japanese Traditional Shoes Geta 

  • Japanese traditional wooden shoes GETA is made of very light whole apaulownia wood and with black velvet straps.
  • The GETA is the most popular sandal worn for informal occasions with the kimono or Yukata.
  • GETA is best for gifts as a cosplay, Halloween, Christmas gift.
  • These can also go great with other casual outfits.
  • GETA is a very cool sandal, and Japanese anime is also popular.
  • This GETA is made from solid light weight wood with rubber soles for extra comfort and wear.
  • Size: 9 (26.5cm) ,10(27.5cm) / weight: about 500g / material: Wood (Paulownia/ Kiri) and other.

  • Benefits of GETA
  • GETA is told that the soles of the soles of the feet are stimulated and the circulation is promoted and the function of the brain is improved by touching the base of the feet directly on a hard flat tree.
  • There is also an effect on flat feet, but this is also due to the fact that the arch is formed due to the weight on the entire back of the foot as well.
  • GETA has good sounds when walking. (KARAN KORON)
  • GETA has many health benefits.
  • Foot fingers spread naturally when you wear clogs.
  • Prevents athlete's foot and maintains good condition of breathability.
  • Because GETA get close to walking with bare feet, it leads to the prevention and easing of flat feet.

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