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Katana Bookends

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The Katana Bookends look like a Samurai sword has skewered your book collection! Metal bookends are hidden inside your first and last book. Strong magnets hold the blade and handle. The bookends measure around 17 cm x 12 cm x 9.3 cm. The plastic blade and handle measures around 15 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm and 15 cm x 2 cm x 0.5 cm. The Katana bookends make superb Birthday gifts for men! Warning: Not a toy, not suitable for children : Min Age: 16 Years

  • NO ORDINARY BOOK ENDS: This pair of metal book ends with a fake Katana Sword are a total eye catcher. Add something special to your book shelf besides great books! Stop boring shelfs.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: These individual book ends are the ideal gift for every book lover or bookworm. Finally, you have an idea for all the book fans besides giving books. A special gift for him!
  • JAPANESE SWORD FANS: This pair of metal book ends stores not only books, but also DVD’s & comic book collections! Especially a gadget for all Japanese sword fans, who always wanted an own sword!
  • HOW THEY WORK: Clever magnets and hidden book ends ensure that the books are stored neatly together on the shelf, while creating the illusion of the Samurai Sword piercing the literature.
  • INFORMATION: The pair of metal book ends with a fake Katana Sword comes with clever magnets and measures 12.0 x 11.0 x 17.0 cm. This is not a toy.

Mustard Katana Bookends, Samurai Ninja Sword Style, Black

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