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Kids Skis w/Quality Buckled Straps - 65cm Plastic Mini Snow Skis to Build Cross Country & Downhill Technique in Back Yard or Ski Park - Fits Boots/Shoes Age 3 to Size 10

  • PERFECT FOR TECHNIQUE! Team Magnus kids skis help develop optimal skiing posture from the start. Our classic beginner skis have the ideal design to build the perfect ski technique whether you’re a learner of downhill or cross country skiing. Thanks to the short 26 inch length the beginner instinctively hones core balance. We advise that ski poles are avoided for beginners when they are in ski schools as they detract from building intuitive balance. Ski poles also add a risk for learners.
  • ROBUST! Our high-quality Swedish ski straps have exceptionally secure buckles. The skis attach firmly to any shoe or boot giving a great sense of control. Regular winter boots are far more comfortable to wear than adjustable ski boots. Firm durable straps are a superior solution to fixed plastic bindings which don’t allow a junior skier to keep improving their balance with flexible backyard skiing year after year. The top grade HDPE plastic is also robust enough to handle up to 175 pounds.
  • EASIER TO USE! Junior training skis allow the kid to get up quicker after the inevitable falls and without the risk of tangling which can upset young kids. If the skis are much shorter skate-style the required skill level to have enjoyable ski sessions will be high. Longer skis offer more balance but create bad upright habits and are best introduced later. The light weight makes them easy to carry. We advise ski helmets if the snow is thin or there are obstacles.
  • FLEXIBLE! Our durable plastic skis can be used on frosty grass or to trample down deep snow. This multiplies practice opportunities! Our mini-skis can be used by toddlers as young as 3 up to adults with a 10 shoe size. Back yard skiing is motivating for first time skiers taking some pressure off and keeping the sessions light. These trainer skis are sure to be used for years as your children build confidence and develop tricks. We advise the use of ski helmets on frosty ground/near obstacles.
  • IDEAL GIFT! Commonly used by teens and older kids with strong skiing confidence for casual tricks and jumps. A great gift for any lil child for winter vacation or for any intermediate skier who loves a fun challenge and has the skills for short skis. The older the youth the harder it is to ski on jr shorty skis so they’re a great way to maintain ski technique between trips. No investment in ski helmets, ski boots, goggles or poles required. Only fun frequent ski sessions!

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