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Light Wand Christmas Tree Remote Control.

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Magic Light Wand is an exciting remote control light switch. Plug the receiver into the wall. Plug the lights into the receiver. Voila. Push the button, and the lights sparkle. The tingling of a fairy’s breath sounds, and children jump with joy. The Magic Light Wand is a whimsical and fun interactive way to turn on your holiday lights. No longer will you flip a switch behind the tree, or press an awkward floor button, or search for a tiny remote - Now you have the Magic Light Wand with light and sound!


A loving grandmother dreamed up a new way to surprise her grandchildren during a Christmas visit to her home. She combined a pretend wand with the standard wireless control for her tree lights to create the very first Magic Light Wand. The children were so delighted by this instant holiday tradition that the grownups in the family decided to start this company and share the magic with children everywhere. No matter what treasures are waiting for you under the Christmas tree, the sheer delight on a child’s face will always be your greatest gift!


- Turn on Christmas Lights with a Magical Touch
- Perfect for Christmas Trees and Decorative Holiday Lights
- No More Floor Buttons or Reaching Around the Tree
- Magic Light Wand Remote Control & Receiver System
- 65 Feet Range
- Receiver with 1000 Watts Capacity
- US Patented

Magic Light Wand (Gold - Remote Control Turns on Decorative Tree Lights - Kids/Children Can Experience True Christmas Magic - Complete with Magical Sound

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