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Remote Control Airsoft Battle Tanks

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Heng Long Pro Edition Remote Control 2.4Ghz 1/16 Scale Russian T-90 RC Main Battle Tank with Metal Gear and Tracks, Airsoft RC Tank

The Henglong RC Tank has a full function transmitter that controls this beast as it performs 7-ways movement. It is very powerful and equipped with a high gripping caterpillar, allowing to climb steep slopes that are up to 45 degrees. The included transmitter controls all 7 functions of this awesome RC tank. Great gift for tank collectors of all ages!


  • Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately 320-degree
  • Maximum vertical turning angel of gun (up/down) approximately 30-degree
  • Maximum climbing gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) approximately 35-degree


Full scale R/C function, frequency-free to change for any frequencies as you like, multi-players and tanks are allowed.




  • Full Function Transmitter
  • Realistic Recoil Action
  • Realistic Sounds
  • Supper Chassis and Realistic suspension System
  • Full scale R/C function simulative motor start-up sound, Engine Sound, Machine-gun Sound, etc..
  • Working LED Lights
  • Vehicle Features: Rechargeable
  • Controller Features: Wireless 2.4G
  • Dimensions: 65cm L x 23.5cm W x 19cm H (25 inches L x 9 inches W x 7 inches H)
  • 7.4V/1800mah battery inside
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs

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