Solar Powered Camping Grill

Solar Powered Camping Grill

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  • 100% SOLAR POWERED – Cook without propane, gas, fire, or electrical power. The SolSource Sport solar cooker harnesses solar energy directly by reflecting and intensifying the sun's rays. Simply set it up and point it towards the sun. Advanced self-healing polymers maximize the effect and ensures the durability of the mirrors.
  • MAX TEMPERATURE OF 285°F (140°C): This portable solar cooker reaches temperatures comparable to kitchen ovens under ideal weather conditions (strong, direct sunlight, low wind, warm day). It boils 0.5 qts of water in 15-20 minutes while maintaining a compact, portable design for your solar cooking needs.
  • INCLUDES CARRYING BAG – SolSource Sport portable stove includes a convenient carrying bag and assembles and disassembles in 3-5 minutes for maximum portability. It packs down into a 2.5 ft3 (0.07 m3) carrying backpack for easy transport. Weighing only 10 Lbs. (4.6 Kg), the SolSource Sport collapsible solar powered stove is fully portable and easy to take camping, tailgating, boating, in the car or to the park, especially in the SolSource Sport carrying tote bag. Whether you take it to the beach
  • INCLUDES COVER & IS EASY TO CLEAN – When you’re not solar cooking, cover your SolSource Sport with the grill cover (included in box) to prevent stray solar rays and increase the lifespan of your solar grill / camp stove. Normally, your SolSource Sport doesn’t require cleaning. If you drop oil or food on the reflectors, simply wipe it off with soap and water.
  • SOLAR CAMP COOKING & COOKWARE - Check out SolSource solar camp cookware or else use your own. SolSource Solar Stove is designed to be compatible with camping pots and pans up to 8” in diameter. Best with a black-bottomed pan and lid to maximize solar absorption It works great for cooking and pasteurizing / purifying water to drink. Use this solar stove for cooking anywhere without needing to apply for a fire permit in advance. Since the SolSource Sport grill solely uses the power of the sun, you

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