6-in-1 Emergency Car Escape Tool & USB Car Charger

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Survival Frog EasyPower 6-in-1 Emergency Car Escape Tool & USB Car Charger 2,200mAh Power Bank, Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight, Best Auto Accessories Kit Essentials

Brand: Survival Frog

Color: Tactical Black/Grey


  • RAZOR SHARP SEATBELT CUTTER - Add to your emergency car kit and save yourself and others after a car crash by easily cutting a malfunctioning seat belt. Safety guard keeps your fingers safe and ensures no injury. One of the top auto accessories essentials for each of your cars.
  • EASY WINDOW BREAKER - Easily break and shatter glass windows to pieces when you have to get out of a car in a hurry. Simply apply light pressure and the spring loaded center punch window breaking tool does all the work. Works better than a car hammer. An essential car emergency escape tool for those living by rivers, lakes, oceans, or areas prone to flooding.
  • LED FLASHLIGHT w/ 3-MODES - Ultra-bright LED flashlight with Bright, Ultra-Bright and Emergency Flash modes. If your car breaks down in the middle of the night you'll have enough light to repair your car or walk to the nearest gas station. Plus, signal for help by turning the flashlight to Flash mode.
  • PORTABLE POWER BANK - 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery quickly recharges dead cell phones or other USB devices. Charges all brands of cellphones with included Micro-USB cable. Internal battery allows you to remove from car and carry with you as a portable power bank. Holds a charge for weeks. You'll want more than one of these tools.
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Publisher: Survival Frog



Driving could be the most dangerous thing we do, and we do it almost every day. It only makes sense to have a life-saving device within reach for when a roadside emergency happens. This 6 in 1 car tool not only offers features that will save your life but also provides travel conveniences that you will wonder how you ever did without. Prepare your car as if your life depends on it...it probably does.


  • SEATBELT CUTTER: Rescue yourself and others by cutting easily through malfunctioning seatbelts
  • GLASS BREAKER: Smash windows to pieces when you have to get out of a flooding car. Essential for those who live near bodies of water
  • FLASHLIGHT: Use while repairing your car or light the way to safety. 3 modes; bright, ultra-bright, and flashing. LED Brightness: 130-140 Lumens
  • EMERGENCY FLASHING LIGHT: Signal for help by switching the flashlight to Flashing Mode
  • CAR CHARGER: Charge any USB device by plugging into your car's cigarette lighter
  • PORTABLE POWER BANK: Carry it anywhere as an external power source for your USB devices. Charge time: 3-4 hours. Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh

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EAN: 0813685029866