Light Switch Cover Labels

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  • Eliminate confusion with SwitchID light switch labels used to identify household appliances
  • An elegant and functional answer to the question: Which switch is which?
  • Made with automotive grade polyurethane doming with your choice of 2D and 3D designs
  • UV and scratch resistant for a great look that will last for years with no fading
  • Includes options specifically designed for switches in your living room and kitchen area. Each sticker measures 0.86" x 0.86"

Publisher: Napkin Innovations, L.L.C


Ever stood in front of a light switch and wondered which switch is which?

Eliminate confusion with SwitchID light switch labels and light switch stickers used to identify household appliances. SwitchIDs are high-quality product enhancements to your home! They provide an elegant and functional answer to the question: Which switch is which? This SwitchID edition is specifically designed for your Living Room & Kitchen area. It includes options for every switch you might find in this area of your home, Airbnb or VRBO.Each sticker measures 0.86 x x.86 Inches.

SwitchID Installation

[1] PREP: Tighten screws and clean the switch plate with an alcohol based cleaner. OPTION: Remove screw where SwitchID will be placed to ease future removal of plate and create a flat surface for the SwitchID. The plate will stay just fine with only the bottom screw(s).

[2] PLACE: Gently apply the SwitchID over the switch plate screw or on the switch ensuring proper alignment.

[3] PRESS: Firmly press on the entire surface of the SwitchID for complete adhesion once aligned to your satisfaction.

NOTE: Do not use cleaners on your SwitchIDs for 2 days. This could disrupt the adhesive drying process.

CLEANING: Made of automotive grade polyurethane SwitchIDs can be cleaned with any house-hold cleaner.

REMOVAL: Carefully work a non-sharp tool, that will not damage/scratch the switch plate, under one edge of the SwitchID until you can grab and remove the SwitchID.

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EAN: 0729798391946