The Best Travel Pillow for Long Distance Flights

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Brand: Little Cloud Nine travel pillow

Color: Gray


  • NEED A GOOD FLIGHT'S SLEEP? Travel in complete comfort, then arrive fully rested and recharged with the Little Cloud Nine travel pillow - it makes coach sleep feel like first class!
  • DESIGNED FOR LONG DISTANCE TRAVEL - The Little Cloud Nine travel pillow is unique designed to support your face much like a chiropractor's table, so you can rest and relax in an amazingly comfortable sitting position, keeping your head, neck, and spine aligned.
  • VENTED HEAD SUPPORT - The upper and lower air chambers of this travel pillow allow you to breathe while your head and neck are supported and face your is concealed - we all need privacy for our sleeping faces!
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE - Our travel pillow inflates with just a few breaths of air, and easily deflates into a nomadic book-size that fits into any carry-on bag.
  • ALL YEAR ROUND USE - When you're not globetrotting, you can un-velcro the tube-shaped travel pillow into a flat cushion, and use it as a backrest for routine car travel for your everyday commute.

Publisher: Sunrise Packaging

Details: Eliminates the "head bob", gets you into a supported resting position. Vented so avoids rebreathing exhaled air. Doubles as a lumbar and back support cushion when not being used in the resting position. Some people can sleep anywhere and this will help them. Some people cannot and this will help them support their head while resting. So unique that it has its own US patent 7,788,751,B1. Its two valve and two chamber design allow infinite adjustments for firmness and height. Light weight, high grade flocked vinyl, stores easily in carryon bag. Provides privacy to user by concealing face while in use. Does not depend upon fellow passengers seat position to use properly.

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EAN: 0793573949189