Ultralight Parachute Hammock Mosquito Net Double Person

Product Description



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The use of a note:
1.in process use do not force too much, so do not break the contact.
2.suspension hammock hanging hanging height should be strong, no more than 1M, to avoid accidentally falling injuries.
3.Do not put the bed pull rope tied to the support of sharp objects, to avoid rope damage.
4.Avoid carrying pushpins or pointed objects damaged the hammock.
5.please check the hammock rope before using rope pull as short as possible.
6.product is not fire, please keep away from the source of fire.
7.Note hammock around clean and smooth ground, avoid choosing gravel, branches and other hard objects.

1. frequently check both ends of the rope to avoid excessive wear.
2.the ban on a large swing back and forth, so as to avoid the rapid wear of both ends of the rope to bring unnecessary damage.
3.Please pay attention to personal safety in leisure and fun.