Vivian Lou Insolia Couture Insoles

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Vivian Lou Insolia Couture Insoles - Reduces Ball of Foot Pain, Leg & Lower Back Fatigue - for Any Style of Shoe with 2 Inch Heel or Higher, Size Medium

Brand: Vivian Lou


  • DISCLAIMER - Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles are intended for use in shoes solely to make them more comfortable. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they be a substitute for custom foot orthotics.
  • INNOVATION FOR YOUR HIGH HEELS - Vivian Lou Insolia is the only brand in insoles scientifically-proven to prevent foot pain caused by high heels by shifting weight off the ball of your foot.
  • FEEL GOOD FROM THE INSOLES UP - Vivian Lou Insolia COUTURE not only shifts weight off your forefoot, but aligns your center of pressure between your first and second toe, meaning you can wear high heels for 4 times longer without the pain.
  • INVISIBLE FOOT SUPPORTS - Use these insoles with any high-heeled shoe. Our unique design is impossible to see, even in open-toe and open-back styles. 
  • PODIATRIST APPROVED TO HELP LESSEN FOOT PAIN - Count on the professional backing of these inserts that have received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

Publisher: Vivian Lou

Details: Slip into your favorite high heels without the foot pain when you use Vivian Lou's Insolia COUTURE Insoles. Designed to specifically fit into either the left or right shoe, these high heel inserts are will slip into your heels precisely. When worn in heels two inches or higher, your weight is shifted off the ball of your foot to the heel. Our insoles also align the body's center of pressure between the first and second toes. This provides you with better balance and ankle support, making it easier to walk and wear your tall heels all day long. Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, these shoe inserts help to alleviate heel pain and provide you with lasting comfort. Plus, you'll feel confident when you step out the door since our shoe inserts are impossible to see even in open-toe and open-back styles. Expertly engineered, our foot supports won't harbor bacteria or odor, to keep your feet healthy and feeling good. With science-backed technology and proven pain-relieving design, Vivian Lou is the smarter way to wear high heels.

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