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Water Bottle Stash Container

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  • LOOK HEALTH-CONSCIOUS, NOT SUSPICIOUS: Premium FULLY FUNCTIONAL water bottle stash container makes staying quenched while keeping your valuables safely hidden away a cinch. Perfect for travel, festivals, your car, your desk or the gym. Get even MORE VALUE when you buy more than one style diversion safes today!
  • REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN – NOT LIKE THE OTHER STASH WATER BOTTLES: While most stash bottles hidden compartments slide away from the top, revealing their hidden cavities to anyone who bumps the bottle, our diversion safe stash bottle REVERSE SCREWS – keeping both bottle parts secure, together and INVISIBLE – so no one is the wiser.
  • ULTRA-DURABLE, LONG-LASTING: Don’t risk revealing your valuables with mini hidden safe bottles that chip, crack or degrade. We engineered our ONE OF A KIND diversion safe stash from the SAME high-quality, ultra-durable RIGID PLASTIC used by expensive name brands – so it looks like a water bottle and performs like a mini safe without the steep cost.
  • SMELL PROOF INTERNAL STASH BAG – NO ALARMING CLUNKING SOUNDS: To ensure nosy dogs and the person who ‘hears everything’ doesn’t ruin your secret, we’ve included a 4.5” x 3” SMELL PROOF, SOUND REDUCING internal stash bag that tucks neatly inside your hiding containers – so you avoid detection, regardless of what you’re carrying.

Don’t settle for noisy, suspicious, smell releasing diversion safes – choose PartyBottle. With a revolutionary “invisible” reverse screw system and smell-proof, sound reducing internal stash bag, you can rest assured people will think, “good for you for using re-usable bottles!” and suspect nothing more.

Just How Much Can You Hide Away?  

2.65” diameter, 3.45” deep secret compartments fits jewelry, money, a secret key, passwords, secret messages and all those other things you’d like to “stash” away.

Smell Proof, Sound Proof, Suspicion Proof

Don’t let wise-nosed canines or hawk-eared bosses catch a whiff or sound of what you’re hiding. Simply stash it away in this 4.5” x 3” SMELL PROOF, SOUND REDUCING internal bag before placing into your secret water bottle cavity to avoid detection, regardless of what you’re carrying.

Cutting Edge – Invisible, Reverse Screwing Design

Unlike easily opened top sliding models, ours actually works, with an invisible ‘looks designer’ access point, and reverse screwing mechanism that keeps both bottle parts securely together, keeping your valuables safe and hidden in plain sight.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to products protective nature instructions on how to open bottle safe ONLY arrive with packaging. Proof of purchase must be provided before we’ll release instruction – they are not published online.

PartyBottle Diversion Safe Bottle Stash Can w/Smell-Proof Stash Bag by HumanFriendly – Ultra-Discrete, Authentic Looking BPA-Free Water Bottle Stash Container Includes Sound-Proof Bag

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